Dietary Protocols

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) - Reduce inflammation - Identify food intolerance, Decrease brain fog- Fight fatigue - Heal the gut.  

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AIP diet is meant to remove foods that commonly cause inflammation in the body and leaky gut, and focuses on consuming nutrient dense foods that heal the gut like bone broth.  Generally after a 3 week elimination phase, you can add one eliminated food group back per week and track your symptoms.  This allows you to identify your personal food intolerances. The AIP diet focuses heavily on whole, nutrient dense, grain-free, non-processed foods.

The AIP diet avoids things like: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Nightshades, Legumes, eggs, and most Seeds.  We recommend removing gluten, soy, and most processed foods permanently for optimal health and longevity.  

Visit our friends over at Autoimmune Wellness to learn more. 


Paleolithic (Paleo) - Reduce Inflammation - , Decrease brain fog - Fight fatigue - Heal the gut. 

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This diet focuses heavily on whole, nutrient dense, grain-free, non-processed, and low-inflammatory foods.  The basic idea of the Paleo diet is to eat as humans did in the paleolithic / hunter gatherer era.  An era before we corrupted our food system and before our our current chronic illness epidemic. 


Ketogenic (Keto) - Balance blood Sugar, Restore immune systemReduce Inflammation - Lose Weight  or Gain Weight - Increase energy - Increase cognitive performance

Keto Meals: All (Order Now)

This diet causes the body to use fat for fuel instead of sugar (glucose). Keto is characterized by a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet.  When we increase our fat consumption and restrict our carbohydrate consumption (typically less than 20g net carbs per day), after several days our bodies will begin using fat for fuel (ketosis) by turning fatty acids into a powerful and slow burning fuel called ketones. Additional directions on how to execute a Keto diet are explained in our Smart Restart e-book (View Here).

Our Director of Nutrition and certified nutritionist, Mary Ruddick CNC, explains why Keto is so powerful for healing.


Our Founder Brian "Captain Soup", contributed to the film "Fat Fiction" below.  Theatrical debut in select theaters beginning March, 13th 2020.