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PALEO AIP & KETO Grab & Go Gourmet Meals


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Made with: Organic Vegetables - Local Grass Fed Meat, Pasture Raised Bone Broth

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John & Suzanne - Eugene, OR

Sanjeev K. - Eugene, OR

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What people are saying

Had lab work drawn last week, (after 5 weeks of eating the soup everyday for lunch) I had a dramatic lowering of liver enzymes...lower than from well over 2 years, and my A1c levels are also considerably lower, so not only NOT diabetic, but not even pre-diabetic.  I've lost 12 lbs......I feel better and move better.  I will keep on ordering and eating the soup.  Thanks for being there.

Denise B. -Eugene, OR

Captain Soup is a game changer! After years of physical therapy for my shin splints, surgery was put on the table as the last option.  After eating Keto-Complete daily my shin splints went away, my brain fog lifted, and my mental acuity was drastically sharpened.  It's nothing short of a miracle!

Matt V - Eugene OR

Captain Soup's Smart Restart is amazing! I'm down 24 lbs, I lost my double chin, my hair is less greasy, and I look about a decade younger......and the soup just happens to be super delicious!

Mike Y - Mahattan, KS

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