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Made with: all Organic vegetables, Locally sourced Grass-fed meats, and Bone broth from pasture raised grass-fed animals. 

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Had lab work drawn last week, (after 5 weeks of eating the soup everyday) I had a dramatic lowering of liver enzymes...lower than from well over 2 years, and my A1c levels are also considerably lower, so not only NOT diabetic, but not even pre-diabetic.  I've lost 12 lbs......I feel better and move better.  I will keep on ordering and eating the soup.  Thanks for being there.

Denise B. -Eugene, OR

Captain Soup is a game changer! After years of physical therapy for my shin splints, surgery was put on the table as the last option.  After eating Captain Soup meals daily my shin splints went away, my brain fog lifted, and my mental acuity was drastically sharpened.  It's nothing short of a miracle!

Matt V - Eugene OR

Captain Soup's Smart Restart is amazing! I'm down 24 lbs, I lost my double chin, my hair is less greasy, and I look about a decade younger......and the soup just happens to be super delicious!

Mike Y - Mahattan, KS

healing and thriving

Sanjeev K. - Eugene, OR

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John & Suzanne - Eugene, OR

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