About Us

Our Founder, Brian Gaudette, and Director of Nutrition, Mary Ruddick, CNC are on a mission to help others heal and thrive by sharing what they have lived and learned about nutrition. Both Mary and Brian overcame their own health crucibles with ancestral eating and now they are on a mission to make ditching the Standard American Diet (SAD) delicious, convenient, and easy for everyone.  We believe people deserve access to un-corrupted food and to live the vibrant lives they were meant to. 

Founder: Brian Gaudette, MBA and Army Apache Pilot




Director of Nutrition: Mary Ruddick, CNC

Learn more about Marry Ruddick, CNC or schedule a one on one consultation at www.enableyourhealing.com 



A note from our founder:

Through the sickness and the healing, I have seen God’s goodness in our body's natural ability to heal and in food's God given ability to nourish and heal us when left un-corrupted.

I pray that this food will be a blessing to you and your family and the catalysts to vibrancy and health.

Cheers to Wellness!