About Us

Our entire team is on a mission to help those struggling with chronic illness to heal and thrive by sharing what we have learned from our combined 42 years of clean eating and coaching experience.  We know what it's like to be sick and to overcome chronic illness with diet and lifestyle interventions. 

We are laser focused on our mission to make eating clean and nutrient-dense foods delicious, satisfying, and convenient for all.

We believe people deserve convenient access to un-corrupted and nutrient-dense foods. We know that human health is largely driven by our gut microbiomes.  This is why soil health, animal health, food purity and nutrient density are so critical to ingredient selection and food preparation.

Meet our Leadership Team

Founder, Brian Gaudette: Former Combat Paratrooper, Army Pilot, and Instructor of Leadership at West Point




Director of Nutrition: Mary Ruddick, CNC

Learn more about Mary Ruddick and her dysautonomia program at www.enableyourhealing.com 


Customer Service & Nutritional Therapy: Alex Lonnquist, NTP

Alex has been studying nutrition under Mary Ruddick for over 5 years and overcame his own chronic illness using nutrient dense broth. Alex has also served as the Captain Soup kitchen/shipping manager and helped in marketing strategy since joining the team in 2020. 

Work with Alex 1:1 - www.unlockyourwellness.com


A note from our founder:

Through the sickness and the healing, I have seen God’s goodness in the body's profound ability to heal and in food's God given ability to nourish and heal us when left un-corrupted. 

I pray that our food and protocols will be a blessing to you and the catalysts to vibrancy and health for you, your family, and your community.

In love and liberty

Brian Gaudette