About Us


From our founder, Brian Gaudette - CEO of Captain Soup

Five years ago, I got very sick from what I now know is an autoimmune disease. It degraded my life in every way and I stopped functioning as a human.

After my doctors did all they could with medication, I was still lethargic, overweight, and had poor mental acuity. Through extensive secondary research, I discovered that millions of people dealing with chronic disease, inflammation, and obesity were achieving life changing results through whole food clean diets like Paleo, AIP, Keto, Elimination, and Whole30. Although I knew that I should change the way I was eating, I thought it would be time consuming and unsustainable. It wasn’t until I committed to thirty days without sugars, grains and non-hypoallergenic foods, that my life changed drastically. The brain fog lifted, my energy was restored, and I lost 30lbs in six weeks. I got my life back and I haven’t stopped since.

As an Army helicopter pilot and commander we had to get creative to sustain this clean eating lifestyle while working long hours, on the go and on deployments.

My wife and I experimented with a variety of recipes and ultimately found that the best culinary option for time, taste, and health was to cook a lamb, vegetable, and bone broth soup in large batches. Having a metered and complete meal ready to grab and go was the key to maintaining a clean eating lifestyle.

The anxiety that I had felt about maintaining my diet was replaced with a sense of pride and ownership that came from taking control of my food, regardless of my location and schedule and now we're helping others take back command of their food and their health using delicious, nutrient dense whole food. I am excited for the opportunity to share this gift of healing and wellness with others.

Through the sickness and the healing, I have seen God’s goodness in our body's natural ability to heal and in food's God given ability to nourish and heal us when left un-corrupted.

I pray that this program will be a blessing to you and your family.

Cheers to Wellness,