JAR DEPOSIT UPDATE: Due to a national shortage of our glass jars, we must increase the deposit per local pick-up order to $45. This deposit will still be returned in full once all items (bag, jars, lids, cardboard) have been returned to Captain Soup. If you would rather order paper cups to pick up from Hummingbird Wholesale, please select the 9 pack of 15 oz paper cups for pickup below. There will be a $2 deposit for the bag included with each paper cup order. When checking out, leave a note on how many of each recipe you would like, or send us an email with your order number (info@captainsoup.com)

Jar Recipe Identification: Each jar will have a colored dot on their lid to identify each recipe.

Orange: Classic Lamb, Green: Classic Beef, Yellow: Dijon Lamb, Brown: Dijon Beef, Blue: Italian Beef