Welcome to Captain Soup!

Welcome to Captain Soup!

Whether you’re concerned about healing from chronic illness, reducing Inflammation, clean eating, weight loss, immune system support, or just general nutrition, Captain Soup is ready to help you feel your best and live to your fullest potential. 

Captain Soup was founded with the intention of helping others heal and thrive through delicious and nutrient dense clean food, responsibly sourced  and uncorrupted. Captain Soup’s methodology is based on principles of ancestral diets, which is how our bodies are designed to eat. We achieve this by removing ingredients that commonly cause leaky gut and inflammation, and including nutrient dense  ingredients that heal the stomach lining, like bone broth with grass-fed organic meat. 

One of the biggest hurdles with dietary protocols is staying within the strict guidelines, such as those to achieve ketosis on a ketogenic diet. However, Captain Soup is aligned with several dietary protocols, while still maintaining great taste and satiating even the hungriest of eaters. All six soups adhere to the Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, and Wahls Diet, as well as a Low Carb High Fat Diet and a Weight Loss Diet. Five soups adhere to the Low FODMAP Diet, four soups adhere to the AIP Diet, two soups are Lectin Free, one soup adheres to the GAPS Diet, and one soup adheres to a  Low Histamine Diet. So, we got you covered!

When it comes to sourcing our ingredients, Captain Soup is serious about its health focused mission. We take immense pride in our grass-fed beef and lamb, organic vegetables, organic herbs, and grass-fed pasture raised bone broth, which is made in house. These organic food components are from the Willamette Valley of Oregon, with people and planet focused farms and distributors making up our supply chain. There is no question on where our ingredients come from, and this transparency ensures our soups are some of the highest quality and most sustainably sourced nourishment you can find. 

There are other options, such as AIP meal delivery, Keto meal delivery, or Paleo meal delivery, but Captain Soup is the most nutrient dense, convenient, and easy to grab and go. All you have to do is decide which flavor, heat, and eat! We count the calories, macronutrients, and carbs to give you the energy and support that your body needs. 

Let Captain Soup help you take back control of your health and your life!


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