Captain Soup: Not Your Ordinary Soup

Captain Soup: Not Your Ordinary Soup



In a kitchen at the base of Skinner Butte in Eugene is the smell of fresh, organic vegetables and locally-sourced ground lamb and beef simmering over a hot stove. The creator and cook is Brian Gaudette, founder and CEO of Eugene’s food startup Captain Soup. This innovative entrepreneur, who is also a University of Oregon MBA candidate and captain in the U.S. Army, has created a unique solution for people who want healthy, on-the-go food options.



Several years ago, while serving in the Army, Brian began experiencing health problems including weight gain and a decrease in mental acuity. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s disease he sought help from traditional medical practitioners, but struggled to see improvement. Multiple medications failed to help him so he took matters into his own hands and began researching the idea of using food as medicine. This research led to a discovery of a new way to manage his disease - eating healthy food. By following a new strict diet he gained his mind and health back.

As a husband, father, and Army captain he handled a busy schedule and needed a way to eat this healthy food on the go. The easiest solution was to carry frozen soup with him and heat it up either by microwave or JETBOIL mini camping stove. In preparation for deployment, he would cook and tin-can soups in large batches and ship them to his next location. Hence the name Captain Soup.



As an MBA student at the University of Oregon, Brian has benefitted from the mentorship and expertise of faculty and local leaders who have helped him to turn his healthy eating solution into a local enterprise that has helped improve the health of countless individuals. He speaks at public events and shares his story to help people facing health challenges to see a new way to overcome their conditions. And what’s even more exciting is that Captain Soup is no longer limited to Eugene. Nationwide shipping operations have already begun, which means everyone from Portland to Pensacola has access to this nutrient-dense food.

Captain Soup offers soups made from ground beef or lamb with a “classic” or dijon flavor, and a new lectin-free Italian beef. These soup meals are Keto- and Paleo AIP-compliant and are free of gluten, soy, dairy, grains, corn, nightshades, and nuts. And one 15 oz serving is enough to fill you up, so no need to plan for a side-dish to go with it. The ordering process is simple: visit, choose to receive either an 18 or 36 count variety box of soups and wait for your order to be delivered right to your door. The soup is shipped frozen so you’ll want to store it in your freezer as quickly as possible. Then as you need it, you simply heat up a container in the microwave. It’s the perfect healthy and convenient option.



Whether you are struggling with a health condition that has limited your diet, you are choosing to live a Keto or Paleo diet, or you simply want to eat healthier, Captain Soup is for you. Its organic vegetables and ground meat are delicious and its convenience is invaluable. As one customer said, “"I lost 39lbs in 6 weeks by eating the Captain Soup meals twice a day and I'm going to keep going.  I can say with certainty that this was accomplished through this life changing meal system.  I did not exercise nor was I hungry.  I maintained energy levels while remaining full.  The freedom from thinking about and planning my day around meals was unexpected"

-By Nikki Heaston


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